Josh Magyary

image001Eight years ago my wife and I moved to western North Carolina because of its beauty and sense of community. Now we are a part of that community, and are proud to call Western North Carolina our home. There are many days when I take a deep breath, and look around to feel fortunate to live and work in such an amazing place. The right home can be the foundation for establishing yourself in a community. My role as a real estate agent is to provide that foundation.

Finding a home or selling one in our community can be one of the biggest financial transactions a person or family will ever make in a lifetime. I take personal pride in buying or selling a home as the most important thing I could do for someone. Every home has its unique characteristics, and many owners have put their heart and soul into personalizing it. I specialize in marketing those characteristics so your home can receive the market value it deserves. Your home is where your energy and memories are created. Having the right agent can make a huge difference in the outcome of your dreams.

Whether I am fishing, hiking, or enjoying some of our community’s wonderful cuisine, I am constantly reminded of when I bought my first home here. It was such a big step in my life. My wife and I needed someone who understood that. That experience shaped my professional model that I use today. I absolutely love helping people find a home of their own in this spectacular place we live in.

Being a real estate agent is more than buying and selling homes. It is handling someone’s goals and aspirations. It’s that mindset that allows me to provide families and individuals with the care they deserve. I only take on a handful of transactions at one time to ensure that the time and effort needed is available. Contact me today, and let’s enter this journey together.